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Fireworks from Target for the 4th of July!

Last week, our state made it legal to sell fireworks in stores(the week of 4th of July,go figure) Not the ones that shoot up into the air,but,things that are low to the ground. Dad picked up some different ones at Target. Pretty sure this variety pack was only about $15. Sparklers are always fun, even if they are just on birthday cakes. We made a video of us trying some of the different ones(we got a kick out of Mr.Crackle) lol. Mom & dad were right there the whole time,so people don’t get weirded out thinking kids are playing with fireworks. If curious to see what you get from department store fireworks……now is your chance. Check out our video from our Youtube page. Subscribe to our Youtube page or this website for our new posts!

fireworks on the 4th

Summer Fun Catching Frogs!

Damian with frog

Summer is finally here. Back to doing one of our favorite pastimes……catching frogs! There is one particular frog Damian has been visiting & catching every time. He named him Jivvy(rhymes with his fish’s name, Jimmy) At times, it almost seems like Jivvy looks forward to & waits to see Damian. We are going to start bringing him treats. Maybe flies. What kind of food do you feed frogs?? Jivvy has a cool yellow throat. Thats how we always know its him. We’ll have to take some pics. I am sure we’ll find more frog friends as the summer goes on. We will attach a quick video on how to catch a frog. Sorry the barking in the video, our dog Mason gets all excited. Follow us on Youtube to join us on our adventures!

Beach fun!

We had an amazing day at the beach.  Last year, Damian was scared of the water…..this year, we could not get him out.  Deagan did alot of body surfing(without board) & both Deagan & Damian had a blast  with the boogie boards.  The waves only got better as the day went on.  We can’t wait to go back.

Damian boogie boarding

Damian boogie boarding

The boys boogie boarding.

Pool Time!

Boys underwater in pool.

Boys underwater in pool.

The boys are having a blast in the pool on one of the hottest days of the year.  Damian is getting good at using goggles that aren’t the full face.  Love using the GoPro underwater.